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Therapy works! If there are areas in your life that are causing you worry or stress you may benefit from therapy. I am committed to helping you discover your true potential and achieving your goals.



Parenting Support

New parents face many challenges as they learn to adapt to their new role in life. From bringing home your newborn to the first day of kindergarten this next phase of your life can seem overwhelming at times. With so many parenting experts in the field it can be hard to figure out which parenting style works best for you. Individual or couples counseling can be a great way to establish a parenting plan that will help the entire family function smoothly. Learn how to organize your time and your family life so that you can focus on what really matters; enjoying your children.

Parents of school aged children face unique challenges as routines and limits are established around school based learning. Solution focused therapy is a great way to learn how to establish boundaries with school aged children and how to create and manage a system of positive and negative consequences to help your child become a highly productive student.

Parents of Tweens/Teens during this period of frequent transition parents and teens face unique challenges. Therapeutic counseling is an excellent resource for establishing and maintaining communication, limits and age appropriate social parameters. Call to discuss how counseling might benefit your family.

If anxiety or phobias are keeping you from living the life that you want help is available. A variety of treatment techniques are available for use in the  management of chronic anxiety . Excellent results in the treatment of anxiety, panic and phobias can be achieved through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy and In-Vivo exercises. Call today to discuss options to get you on your way to a more productive and peaceful life.

Appointments can usually be granted within 48 hours. Sessions are available days, evenings and Saturday mornings. 

7241 SW 63rd Avenue Suite 102A Miami, FL 33147      Email:                 Ph: 786229 6074



Diana Gonzalez Joya

Individual therapy is often the best treatment modality for tackling interpersonal issues. Whether you are grappling with issues in your relationships or working toward specific goals individual counseling may be an excellent resource for you.

Individual Therapy

Support groups for anxiety and depression are ongoing. Parenting workshops are available year round in six week cycles. Please call for information regarding meeting days and times of our groups or for our next round of workshops.



Support Groups

Payments may be made in cash, check or through insurance. If you are using insurance authorization must be verified before the first session. Please call to begin the approval process. Sliding scale rates for clients facing economic hardships are available. I also offer student discounts for adult students.